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5 Problems in Finding the Perfect Electrical Connectors.

  • Wrong Size Of Connector?
  • Incorrect Current Rating?
  • Incompatible Materials & Temper?
  • Mismatched Type & Orientation?
  • Erroneous Standard Sizes?

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Wrong Size Of Connector?

These are available in various length, width and height combination. Depending upon space available to make the connection, you can choose the male and female combination size and shape.


Incorrect Current Rating?

Depending upon the current rating and amperes of the equipment, the thickness of the connector will vary. Also, copper content will go up if the current rates are higher.


Mismatched Type & Orientation?

Depending upon the orientation of wires, angular connectors can also be used. There are flat, round and box type of connectors. They also come with interlocking and waterproofing provisions.


Incompatible Materials & Temper?

Depending on the stress and number of insertion the connectors are expected to go through their life cycle, the materials used and hardness will vary.


Erroneous Standard Sizes?

Sweetone maintains sizes according to standards provided by automative and other agencies. Therefore, the connectors fit even if the mechanism comes from some other manufacturers.

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