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    4 Common Mistakes People Make with Eyelets

    • Do people misuse the Eyelets?
    • Are the Eyelets used at inappropriate locations?
    • Are different types of Eyelets used correctly?
    • Are the Eyelets configured poorly?

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    What Common Mistakes People Make with Eyelets ?


    Wrong size of Eyelet

    The length, width and flange size of the eyelet needs to be chosen correctly. The flange provides grip on the surface. The width or diameter will allow for loose or tight insertion and length should be just enough for the eyelet to be rivetted.


    Wrong Material of eyelet

    Eyelets are mostly made out of brass, copper, steel and aluminium. Depending on usage and compatibility of metals, the base metal should be chosen accordingly.


    Surface Finish

    Eyelets can be coated with different metals such as zinc, nickel, tin and silver. Depending on area and usage, these can be chosen.


    Excess or insufficient rivetting pressure.

    Eyelets are mostly used for rivetting purposes. If the pressure applied is insufficient then the flaring will not be proper and if it is in excess the eyelet may crack.

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